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2010-10-17 08:50:14 by Kausill

not coming back for a while


2010-04-14 07:45:40 by Kausill

I'm back b*tches!


2009-12-31 08:51:41 by Kausill

This will by my last post for teh year btw. So I promise my next one will be 2010 awesomesauce.


2009-10-06 02:22:11 by Kausill

The new series... hmm. I try to do whatever the community commands, so if you have any suggestions either comment here or send me a private message. So, SPEAK MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus, here's something for you to LOL at:

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New Concept

2009-08-01 04:41:17 by Kausill

I'm currently in the pre-development stage for an upcoming series of animations, they will be somewhat awesome. Anyway I'll design the script for the first pilot in a little while, so stay tuned, guys.


2009-07-25 00:51:27 by Kausill

Lol, I'm so light, yet all my movies get blammed. HEHE. Time to make another one that doesn't suck. LOL.

Sniper Apocalypse 2

2009-07-06 11:52:13 by Kausill

Currently in production, a lot cooler than the original and a lot more challenging (plus quite a bit of free and multiple choice compared to other sniper games). Sounds awesome? It only gets better: more music, more breathtaking action and best of all a new sniper.


2009-06-29 08:17:20 by Kausill


Game Gone?

2009-06-28 05:32:02 by Kausill

Eh. Now I will never get any feedback on my games. I think the dissapearance of Sniper Apocalypse should be explained because this website seems very unwelcoming. I feel like I should live. Convince me otherwise.

Sniper Apocalypse Released

2009-06-28 03:33:19 by Kausill

The flash game, Sniper Apocalypse, has been released! Play it now or later! Favourite it if it's your favourite! Short... but a nice little test!